Bar stool floor protectors

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  • length: 196 inches (5,0 metres)
  • suitable for all stool diameters, adjustable with a scissor of knive
  • sufficient for 4 bar stools (base diameter up to 39 cm, larger diameters can easily be done with more sets)

Save your floor from scratching with bar stool floor protection rings. They’re suitable for most stools with round base (trumpet base). One minute is all it takes: Simply repair your stools yourself. Suitable for alle stool sizes like 15” base, 16” base, 17” base and more – fits perfectly regardless of the size.

Get yourself rubber floor protecting rings – no cheap trash from China: Superior quality, easy DIY mount, perfectly protecting your soil.

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Repair them yourself – bar stool floor protectors

The barstool floor protectors and glide pads that come with most bar stools are low quality and get broken after just a few months. And there is just a low number of vendors that provide replacement parts – mostly in poor and disappointing quality.

But our rubber barstool floor protectors can do much better! Mounting is very easy and can be achieved without glue or adhesive. And due to a high quality rubber compound and metal supports the product is very friction resistent und pressure stable. Get the durable protector – sufficient for four stools with 15” diameter.

The glider length is fully customizable! For larger diameters simply get yourself more than one set.

Your floor protection is broken? We have the replacement part to fix them. High quality made in Germany, floor protection ring with premium rubber, and stabilizing metal enhancement. Perfectly fitting!

Bar stool floor protection rings – details

  • no plastic trash but long-living rubber quality
  • very flexible material
  • DIY: fast and uncomplicated mount
  • high quality rubber with metal inlay
  • suits most bar stools with plastic floor protection

Don’t you hesistate if there is a question on your mind! Please touch base here:

Bar stool floor protectors – product specs

  • color: black
  • length: 196 inches (5,0 metres)
  • suitable for all base diameters, easily adjustable with a scissor or knife
  • sufficient for 4 bar stools (base diameter up to 39 cm, larger diameters can easily be done with more sets)
  • whereon to put it: underneath the stool base – you’ll find a metal edge on the inner side
  • material: rubber ( with stabilizing metal inlay)

Get your barstool floor protectors today!

  • priority airmail shipping with DHL
  • ships across Europe and Northern America in about two to three weeks
  • Made in Germany. Reliable – that’s what it is.
  • get it on eBay, as well.

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