How to repair your barstool floor protector rings in a minute

How to repair your barstool floor protector rings in a minute

Hi guys, it’s Connie here from Bloomington, Illinois. You need to see that fabulous barstool floor protector repair kit! Save your floor from scratching with these bar stool floor protection rings. Get rid if these crappy, broken plastic gliders! You’ll love the new ones.

Edit: I was asked by the seller to share my experience, as we have been in touch after my purchase. Those guys from have been so nice and caring, so I agreed on doing a tiny tutorial to share with you all.

Barstool Floor Protector

I was able to repair my round base stools in just a minute. Those gliders are suitable for all stool sizes like 15” base, 16” base, 17” base and more diameters – fits perfectly for all sizes. Simply repair your stools yourself.

As long as you have sharp, thin edges on the inside or the outside of your bar stool, this product should be a good fit for you.

The product comes with no glue however sits really snugly on the stools.

Step-by-step: How to repair your barstool base

  1. Get yourself the DIY kit from
  2. Turn around your stools, so you can see the bottom side of the base
  3. Detatch the old plastic glider rests with a screwdriver
  4. Adjust the glider to the length needed – use a scissor or knife to do so (please be careful!)
  5. Then clip on the glider on the inner side of the stool base – see the metal edge there whereon you can clip the glider
  6. Turn the stool base around and sit yourself on the stool to fasten the metal support clips within the glider
  7. Congratulations, you’re finished already.
  8. Now, let your friends and family know. 😉

Video tutorial: Easy DIY repair for your barstools

I am very happy with my rubber floor protecting rings – gosh, it’s no cheap trash from China: Superior quality, easy DIY mount, perfectly protecting my floors. The barstool floor protectors and glide pads that come with most bar stools are low quality and get broken after just a few months.

So, this is a excellent solution for me. These are perfect for my barstools. The original plastic ring on them was scratching the floors. You’ll also like them , if you want to get rid of the horrible and cheap plastic.

I popped the old ones off and replaced with this glide pad. It took me a little minute to realize that the open part goes on the inside lip of the bottom. They are just perfect! No scratched floors and easy to install. Just needed a pair of strong sewing scissors to cut them. A knife will also do the trick. But be careful when cutting.

Here is how to find the barstool floor protector gliders:

Just click on the offer below to shop them online. As it is a German website, those guys use German button texts, partially. So, simply click on “Jetzt kaufen” below – which means “Place your order”.

You can purchase barstool floor protector on Amazon, as well:

I had to look all over trying to find something that would fit our stools for our kitchen island. Mostly stores just sell felt pads, etc. for traditional stools. But our’s have big round bottoms with hardly any “stick” area.

What came on the stools became like sandpaper and scratched our hardwood floor terribly. These are rubbery and sturdy and fit just right. No longer are our floors getting scratched.

Just enough to go around the perimeter of the 2 bases with only inches left over. Very economical, as well as they come in recycled packaging. What a great product!